Glass arc bedroom living room cake wall lamp

Short Description:

This wall lamp uses a glass lampshade, which reflects light from the wall to soften the light and has multiple effects of projecting and dizzying light.

The optical properties of glass, which can not only transmit light, but also emit and absorb light, make the landscape lighting design matching the building into a pattern.

The light transmittance of glass products is very good. When the lights are turned on at night, there will be no light obstruction and everything can pass through.

DELIVERY Regular 10days, Customized 20-35 days

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Product Parameters

Model No.: HTD-CML1396D35 Brand Name: HITECDAD
Design Style: Modern Application: House, Apartment, Flat, Villa, Hotel, Club, Bar,Cafa, Restaurant, etc.
Main material: Handmade Glass OEM/ODM: Available
Light solution: CAD layout, Dialux Capacity: 800 pieces per month
Voltage: AC220-240V Installation: Wall
Light source: LED Finish: Dyeing
Beam angle: 180° IP Rate: IP20
Luminous: 100Lm/W Place of Origin: Guzhen, Zhongshan
CRI: RA>80 Certificates: ISO9001, CE, ROHS, CCC
Control Mode: Switch  control Warranty: 3 years
Product size: D35*H62cm Customized
Wattage: 5W
Color: Clear
CCT: 3000K 4000K 6000K Customized

Product Introduction

1.Lamps and glass create a crystal clear world with increasing transparency and visibility.

2.Whether it is the light that illuminates the distance or late at night, or the various types of glass that peek into and reflect gender relations, or even explore into the smallest detail, they all show a kind of transparency in the modern world.


1.Hand-blown glass, good light transmittance, sealed lampshade, one-piece molded, dust-proof and insect-proof.

2.The bulb will get hot after use, and the glass product will not be affected by high temperatures and will not have a pungent smell.

3.Energy-saving LED light source, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, soft light and long service life.

Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (8) - 副本
Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (8) - 副本 - 副本 - 副本
Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (1)
Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (4)
Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (8) - 副本 - 副本 - 副本 - 副本


Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (8) - 副本 - 副本

Living room

Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (7)


Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (4)


Project Cases

Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (4)


Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (8)


Glass cake chandelier-HITECDAD  (3)


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