Non-standard color crystal marble ceiling lamp customized by a KTV

  On January 1, 2023, the company will have a day off to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Just this afternoon, we received a message from an Indian agent that one of his customers who runs a KTV urgently needs such a cheerful, noble, elegant and atmospheric chandelier to decorate the hall. He took the picture of the lamp requested by the customer and asked if we could make it.


According to the customer's request, we went to the factory to conduct a careful discussion on the same day, and finally accepted the order. Since we have made a lot of molds for crystal lamps before, it saves a lot of time and cost for mold opening.

  After ten days, the production of this super-large chandelier was completed, and it was highly praised by the customer. Because there is plenty of time left, the shipping method was sent to the customer.

After ten days of drifting at sea, it arrived in the hands of the customer. According to the news sent by the Indian agent, his client was pleasantly surprised because the drawings configured for him were very detailed. Originally, the customer planned to find someone to install it, but because of this detailed drawing, the customer could do it by himself. Because of this, we have become very good partners.




  Finally, I wish us a win-win cooperation, continue to work hard, and ride the wind and waves!


Post time: Aug-15-2023

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